Mojo Active started as an idea born out of a need to solve a common problem.

In 2018, Co-founders Jo and Karl made the choice to join their local gym to start their own health journey to get fitter and feel better. Hitting their 40’s came with health issues that were a result of a life lived without too much focus on diet and exercise!  Raising children, running other businesses, and just the constant pace of modern life had taken its toll and they needed to take action.

A plan was made and off to the gym they went for the first time in a long time. Things kicked off well however after a while, Karl started to become frustrated with a little issue - his towel was constantly slipping down off the gym seat between sets. A natural problem-solver, he knew he could come up with a simple solution to this common issue.

My partner and co-founder, Jo, and I sat down and started working on a design.  To start with, we took an old bath towel, literally folded over the top to make a hood, and STAPLED the sides down.  Feeling amused by the simpleness of this, we took it back to the gym, having a giggle at the concept, and tried it out. It worked and we knew this was all that was needed.

What challenged us to take it further was the banter in the gym with comments like ‘That’ll never work’ and ‘No-one would buy that!’. We love a challenge and knew that we could potentially turn this into a business.

We did our due diligence and found that there was nothing similar in the marketplace. This got our brains and blood working overtime.  Had we found a niche that no-one else had tapped into?

We looked around the gym to see if there was any other value we could add to our new towel design, and noticed that people were constantly having to drop their towels on the gym floor when not in use - not generally the cleanest of places, with lots of sweat and tears mixed in!  We then brainstormed a solution for this and came up with adding two magnets, hidden inside the hood, so the towel can be attached easily to any metal gym equipment - within easy reach while working out.

We also noticed that there were a huge number of people who had the full designer gym kit with top end brands, who were carrying an old bath towel which didn’t fit their look.  We wanted to create a functional product that solved the problem, but that also LOOKED great and helped motivate people to work out.  We spent time designing and choosing prints, and created a range of bright beautiful towels with on-trend patterns coupled with motivational quotes to keep people inspired and on track with their health and fitness goals. 

We started with a minimum order from our manufacturer to test the water, which we pre-sold nearly 80% of, and we sold out completely very soon afterwards. This gave us the tested proof that our product DID have a niche that existed, and we are now selling online and at gyms and health clubs throughout Australia.  We also sponsor individual sports people as well as various fitness competitions Australia-wide.  

With the growth of the business, we have lots of sports teams reaching out to us to add a Mojo towel to their gym kits, and businesses wanting branded Mojo towels to add to their merchandise.

The feedback we have had has been phenomenal, and so many people have gotten behind our business, sharing our vision, which has been really inspiring for us. It is still a real buzz for us to walk into our local gym and see people sporting a Mojo towel in their gym kit.

There are always challenges in life and in business - if you have a firm belief and surround yourself with like-minded people that work together, anything is possible!  

Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Thanks for following our story so far….