Hooded workout towels that STAY PUT on your gym seat

The ONE thing missing from your gym kit. The Hooded Workout Towel!

Sand-free car seats after a day at the beach!

Lightweight & compact. The perfect travel companion

MoJo Active collaborates with...

Innovative designed gym towels with a hood that keeps it where you want it - no more rearranging between sets

Super strong magnets that stick to everything - keeping your towel off the gym floor!


This is what makes it better than the rest... no more pain in the ass towel slips.  MIC DROP!


As if the hood wasn't good enough, we added kick-ass magnets inside.  They'll stick to anything magnetic - even your prosthetic limb (true story!).


So light and compact you could smuggle it!  Roll it up and stash it away.


Work hard, Sweat it out, but you'll leave no trace behind.  Once washed and on the line, it dries quicker than your spray tan.

Stylin' designs - use it anywhere!


Our unique hooded design means your towel stays exactly where you damn want it.  On the bench, NOT the floor.


Whether you're rolling down to the beach or hanging by the pool, take your MoJo towel along for the ride.  Plush enough to dry you off and super cool to just lay around doing your thing!


Our hoods fit easily over your car seat, protecting it from your sweaty 'after-workout bod'.  Also sweet for after the beach or anytime you just wanna keep your car fresh!

What Our Customer's Are SayinG

As a PT, I love seeing new innovative products within the fitness industry. This is a great product! The hood is so handy, fits on all the equipment I’ve used and takes away that annoying need to constantly lean back to keep a towel in place. It’s the perfect size for a training towel and the pattern means I’ll never confuse it for someone else’s

Tiago C, Queensland, Australia

Amazing quality, beautiful designs!

Towels are absorbent and wash really well. I love that I can use it in the gym then slip it over the headrest in my car to sit on while I drive home. It’s also perfect for travelling, rolls into a small pouch and doesn’t take up room in your suitcase

Rebecca S, Bali, Indonesia

Just received my towel yesterday and not only is it nice to look at but it’s really handy! As a new gym member who is still learning my way around the towel is perfect as it can be used on everything at the gym and outside that environment too.  Will be ordering another one next week so I can change it up a bit. Thanks again!

Sarah L, Auckland, New Zealand