You couldn't resist clicking huh? So here's a bit about us...

Hey there!

We are a couple of gym-goers just like you that were sick and tired of our  towels slipping down off the gym seat between sets.

SURELY someone must have invented a solution to this annoying problem?

They hadn't, so WE DID!

Time was spent designing, sampling, re-designing, re-sampling, dealing with ninja’s* - somedays good, some days NOT!

We finally created our cool little gem - the MoJo Towel.  And we want to share it with you, out there in the real world.  

Unashamedly, we want to make money, fulfil our dreams and support all the good sh*t that we deem worthy

(animal rescues, mental health, that sorta thing…) 

All the while realising that WE have a cause too:

Bringing some MoJo to all of you - 1 or 2 towels at a time!

*no ninja’s were hurt in the making of these towels^

^almost none...