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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Shaylea Strinati-kerr
      Love it

      Absolutely love it great idea and looks super cute too

      Leah Fraser
      Great Addition to my Gym Bag

      Love the design and the hood that holds towel on gym equipment is a fantastic idea. My only suggestion is that it could be a little longer as when I use it on the leg press machine it doesn’t reach all the way over where your butt goes, it keeps sliding down and I have to try hold it while getting into seated position on press. Other than that I am really happy with purchase and everyone at gym comments on it.

      Karen Munden

      Absolutely love it best gym towel so far in fact i bought three.

      Britni Baldock
      Amazing product!

      love love LOVE IT!!!!
      This was my second purchase and will be buying more!!

      Lauren Tobias
      Really is versatile

      Sometimes you see products advertised and it’s exaggerated or too good to be true but these really do give what they promise. I purchased one at first as it was on sale and wanted to try them out, it wasn’t the print I wanted but still cute. I was so pleased that I actually went back and brought a further 3 towels. The ombré is the pattern I wanted desperately and so glad I did, it’s really gorgeous aesthetically and all the prints I got are beautiful in person.
      I love that you can use these towels on a variety of gym machines. It’s not too big to swing over your shoulder between exercises it big enough to cover the weights bench and even the seat and arm rest of a preacher curl machine. The backing is terry cloth material and the front is beautiful and soft. I’ve seen comments about the material on front not being like a typical towel but it does still mop sweat and isn’t rough on the skin. I love that there are two distinct sides so I can comfortably wipe sweat from myself without inadvertently wiping myself with the side that touches the equipment.
      I haven’t mastered just throwing the towel onto the sides of the squat cage etc and get the magnets to perfectly land and hold the towel, but it is fantastic that you can just place the towel in the side and have it stay there, not fall on the ground etc. The magnets also help it stay in place on seated machines so they don’t follow you via your bum cheeks when you stand up.
      I’ve also got pink dyed hair and several times now I’ve managed to sweat some pink residue onto my towel whilst doing floor work. Generally I try to wash the towel straight away when that’s the case but I actually noticed I’d left one in the hamper like that for almost a week and it still washed out when I washed the towel! That was impressive as I thought for sure it would stain.
      My only one gripe is that I find it hard to put the clean towels back into the provided mesh bag. Two of my bags are slightly bigger it would seem as they don’t cause me issue, the other two give me flashbacks to shoving sleeping bags back in their covers! But those bags are actually really handy to store the clean towels in until use. Makes it much tidier and also easy to just grab and go. Just make them a bit bigger maybe 😂

      The price point is up there but they actually are fantastic towels. All up I got 4 for about $125aud but the cool thing is I do think they’ll last for an extremely long time. Given this, I’d highly recommend them. 5 stars.